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New NG account

2009-10-31 19:25:16 by Ouillo

Hey guys. A new newgrounds account here for my new alias- many of you probably know me as Zacko555000 or Dj-Nosebleed. I thought they were dumb names. I mean, this is a dumb name too. But it's dumb in a cool way x]

Also, please check out Paratone. It's me m8 Conor's label. It's better than Lifted and Hospital combined. Also his Myspace. Or would it be Hisspace? Whatever.

Anyways, don't expect a lot of really really great stuff up here- I know how NG is. But I'll put a lot of cool tracks up here and keep you posted on stuff. If you want to hear better/different stuff check out my Myspace or talk to me on aim. (pm me for it)

Have fun and enjoy the music!

New NG account


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2010-01-05 18:34:35

i pmed you : D

Ouillo responds:

u gay


2010-02-08 21:39:11


Ouillo responds: